Ten Year Anniversary

Wednesday Dec 30, 2009

     Ten years ago today, the final touches of this company’s business plan were finished and pushed out into the open from a small cubicle at an office of a long-since-dead company.  The primary focus at that time was providing Webmaster and Server Administration skills for fledgling hosting companies.
     Over the next few years, as we began to provide our own hosting and design services, rapid growth allowed us to quit our day jobs.

     Over the last few years, many companies have come and gone, thanks in no small part to the economic instability which has left many people uncertain about the future.  Many companies have become transient, moving to different areas in order to reduce labor costs or take advantage of different niche markets.

     It’s that very thought makes us reflect that we are proud to be an East Tennessee company.  
     But we’re also fortunate that the majority of our services, from Administration Services to Telephone Systems to Web Design and Hosting, can be provided remotely to nearly anywhere in the world.  As a testament, some two-thirds of our business comes from the Western US and Europe.
     But East Tennessee is where most of us grew up.  It’s where we know people, and know them well.  It’s where we’ve made clients who’ve lasted for years and years.  We’re not going anywhere, and we’re still dedicated to providing the best possible service you can get.

     To our clients, old and new, we thank you for helping us go ten years strong, and look forward to a prosperous eleventh year.

     Happy New Year, 2010.

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