Fix for Xbox 360 Open NAT on Linksys

Wednesday Feb 11, 2009

     Router Firmware should always be updated to the latest version if, for nothing else, than to ensure that the security of your network — even if nothing is connected that you’re worried about. Unfortunately, security breaches these days are a nuisance to the Internet as a whole as too many Internet-connected systems are becoming Keyloggers and Spam Zombies which can be used in concerted efforts to lodge both hacks and Denials of Service to other systems.

     Many people have complained about not being able to get the Xbox 360 with Xbox Live to recognize the Open NAT on the latest Linksys firmware. Unfortunately, many “gurus” have asked that people downgrade their firmware on Linksys WRT-based routers, a move which is both a bad idea for security purposes, and leaves other non-WRT Linksys routers without a solution.

     The easy way to get Open NAT on the Linksys is a bit obscure, and perhaps mislabeled in the Linksys interface. Open up the Browser interface to your Linksys ( if you left it as default), and go to your Security section. On the Filter tab, check the box beside “Filter NAT Redirect” and “Save” at the bottom.

     Now, on your Xbox 360, configured with Automatic settings (and not set in a DMZ like many “experts” have recommended), you should now have Open NAT.

Note: On some Linksys routers, the location of these options may change, but a dilligent search through the Web interface should reveal the options.  This solution also works for routers loaded with the much-improved DD-WRT firmware.

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