The Dreaded Server Move

Server Move - Dallas, TXIt’s been an exciting June at CatalystX, after we removed some legacy servers and consolidated to a much newer platform. Our latest acquisition boasts some pretty impressive speed, RHEL/Centos 6, the latest-and-greatest Apache & PHP and a brand new, blazing fast mail server to boot.

While it allows us to pass a lot more functionality onto our customers, moving off of our legacy platforms proved to be quite a challenge. But now, all’s good, backups are secured and we’re rolling with it!

New Site

Earlier tonight, we rolled out a brand-spanking-new website for Knoxville’s premier ICF contractor, Parks ICF. The company’s owner and staff were dismayed at the aging site, the difficulty they had in maintaining it, and the impossibility of updating, no thanks to a Flash-based header and navigation.

We took the wheel, and converted their static HTML site into a full-fledged Content Management System using WordPress, did quite a lot of redesign to get everything going the way they wanted, installed a few choice plugins and developed some cool template features, and finally converted the unwieldy Flash-based header & navigation into a nice, neat package built with JavaScript and CSS.

The result? They’ve gained SEO, Facebook & Twitter integration, an easy way to do Press Releases, a simple editor that anyone in the company use and TONS OF SPEED — users no longer have to download a 1 Meg flash file on each page load!

The Kitchen Sink

It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything here, thanks in no small part to our continuing attempts to stay busy and find new business through these trying times. We’d like to remind our existing customers that we’re still alive and kicking, so if you know of anyone we could help, please pass them our way!

For those who need fairly constant support, don’t forget about our one-year-term Monthly Service contracts, which can offer a pretty significant savings when you’re stuck paying standard, hourly rates — as low as $60 an hour for Corporate-class consulting!

And, as a reminder, for those looking for a new Website without dropping a huge down payment, we are offering the small down payment, with one year of monthly fees, with hosting included to help you cut some costs.

Don’t forget our new array of — and pricing for — Web Hosting, Webmaster and SEO services.

In the meantime, if there’s anything we can do, just let us know!

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